Custom Keg Collars

Keg collars are in full production here at Rose City Label.  We have been printing these for our friends at Heathen’s Brewing for over 2 years and the list of brewers coming to us for this product keeps growing.  Please contact us for generic or custom printed keg collars.

We are happy to introduce a gang run program to help more breweries get keg collars at a very affordable price.  Here are the two options:

1. Generic Keg Collars — On our floor and ready to ship in packages of 100.  Click here to see the designClick here for the order form.

2. Custom Printed Keg Collars — These run at the end of each month for gang run pricing.  Click here to see the die line templateClick here for the order form.


Along with our Tap Handles, beer bottle and can labels, and promotional logo labels, we are proud to add the Keg Collars to give our brewery customers a one stop shop for more of their high quality printed products.

Do you have questions?  Ready to order?  Call us today!

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