• Premium Digital Printing

Rose City Label Premium Digital Printing

We are proud to offer the world wide standard in high quality small to mid run label printing.  This is the technology used by the leading wine and spirits label printers across the country.  State of the art HP Indigo Digital Offset Printing raises the bar on high quality label printing for wine, spirits, craft beer, and other top quality food and beverage brands.

  • Premium 7 Color Digital Offset Printing
  • Finest Selection of over 20 premium materials - felt, egg shell, uncoated, textured label stocks
  • Exceptional print quality - fine details, full color images, fine details
  • Variable data capability - numbers, bar codes, images - all customizable
  • Paired with Delta Die Cutter for premium finishing and exacting quality
  • May be paired with additional equipment for foil stamping and embossing

Digital printing is changing the game – This is the fastest growing segment of our business.

The Technology:

  • Digital Offset paste ink pigments are suspended in imaging oil carrier
  • Up to 7 colors are imaged onto a blanket over each other - 12" x 17" image area
  • With proprietary HP 'One Shot' technology, all colors are transferred in perfect registration at one time
  • More that 20 specially optimized HP Indigo stocks are available to show off your design
  • Labels are taken to a second machine for varnish and precision servo controlled die cutting

Appropriate Materials:

  • Over 20 different materials are available - our most premium material options
  • Premium wine and spirit stocks - Estate, Uncoated, Felt, Eggshell, and other specialty materials
  • Ice-bucket tested Ever Opaque premium stock available in white or cream finish for white and sparkling wines
  • Clear, metallic, white gloss and matte papers
  • White Poly label stocks specifically designed for glass bottle applications - ideal for craft beer


    • Highest quality print method for short and mid run food and beverage labels
    • Best option for textured and uncoated label stocks
    • Multi-pass white ink allows crisp design presentation on metallic or clear label stocks
    • No printing plates to purchase - change designs every run with no penalty


  • Premium inks and materials make labels more expensive than Traditional Press Options
  • Only specially optimized materials can be used with this printing method
  • Generally only available in rolls with 3" core - no sheets, face slits or perforation.