Rose City Label Digital Pre-press Information

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From Concept to Printed Label; We Have the Expertise to Deliver Exactly What You Want

Portland Oregon, 1928, Rose City Label, Scott PillsburyTranslating a digital file or a screen image into a beautiful label is no small task, but we do it every day.  Pre-press is the very delicate combination of art and science to convert your design file into something optimized for best results on digital, flexographic, or hot stamp printing presses.  Each platform has different requirements and we know them well.  This isn’t easy, but we have very experienced graphic “DESIGNERS” (graphic-artists are fine-print artist = think lithographers and etchers) = are that make it happen for you every day.

Graphic Tips to Get You Started

  1. Drop Shadows:

    Be careful when using drop shadows. Some label-materials and printing-methods reproduce differently. We can advise you, please inquire

  2. Reverse (White) Text:

    If your design includes reversed out text, and you are using a dark color, beware that a high quantity of ink must be used to obtain the sufficient darkness on the substrate, which reduces the text’s sharpness. Reverse type below 10 point in not recommended. Ask about specific requirements depending on your specific project.

  3. Spot Color vs CYMK:

    Use the spot color method to produce text, not the four-color process printing method (CYMK). Using the CYMK method might cause register problems, resulting in fuzzy text. CYMK explained: Click Here

  4. Font-Size:

    Printing small fonts on heavily textured materials can cause the ink to bleed into the peaks and troughs on the surface.

  5. Gradients & Vignettes:

    When incorporating gradients into your design, for example applying a vignette, it is important to think of the printing method to be used. The Flexo printing method tends to leave an abrupt edge when handling gradients if they fade to a zero value (white) in the middle of the label. It is better to carry the a very fine screen dot all the way to the edge of the label when using the flexo print method. Otherwise, digital printing may be a better solution for this design element

What We Know:

  • Digital Asset Management & Online Proofing System
  • Fade-Screen Corrections
  • Drop Shadow Manipulation
  • UPC Code Creation
  • Nutrition Facts Resource
  • Color Correction and Trapping

Still Not Sure
= leave it to us, we can take care of all this for you