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Rose City Label has a fully stocked warehouse of Label Materials. If we don’t have it, we know where to get it. More importantly, we have the experience and expertise to make sure your Creation is represented perfectly on the printing material you choose. Not all materials work well with all designs and all printing processes – this is a complex decision and we can help.

We know one thing is for sure; you can count on us as a resource to make sure you utilize the best materials for What, Why and How you wish to use your labels.

What You Need to Know

The Components of a Self-Adhesive Label
There are 3 main parts of self-adhesive labels.

  1. The Face – this is the paper or film label itself
  2. The Adhesive – this is the coating that makes the label ‘sticky’
  3. The Liner (backing) – this is the paper or film carrier that connects the labels together on the roll This portion is discarded or recycled after the label is applied

Rose-City-Label_ProductSpot_PaperRollsThe success of your Product’s Label will often depend on how you understand the properties of the label materials and how they work and function. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge that allows us to provide the Best Solutions for your Desired Results.


Rose City Label has an impressive selection of label materials that are available to you. This includes everything from papers to films in a range of colors, opacity and textures.

  1. Paper Materials:
    • Uncoated Paper
    • Gloss and Matte-Coated Paper
    • Colored Paper
    • Paper With Wet-Strength Capacity (for wine bottles, etc.)
    • Textured Wine Stocks
    • Post Consumer Recycled Paper
  2. Filmic Materials
    • Multiple White Poly Stocks
    • Squeezable White Poly for flexible containers
    • Clear BOPP
    • Corn-based PLA materials
    • Silver Polyester (Mylar)

    PE Films: are often used in applications such as shampoo and cosmetics containers where squeezability is required.

    PP Films: offer good durability and dimensional stability. Additionally, clear PP films have high clarity and are often used to accomplish the no-label look.

    PET Films: are the ideal choice when resistance to water, oil or chemicals is important.

    All our filmic face materials are recyclable.


Adhesion is as vital to the performance of your label as it is to Clean Look and Design. Choosing the right adhesive for your end-use is very important to consider.

  1. Adhesives:
    • Aggressive
    • Permanent
    • Removable
    • Low Tack

    Each range consists of numerous adhesives with different adhesion properties and appearances, which vary according to the requirements set by the end-use.


The backing material seldom influences your label design. However, a chosen backing, with certain properties for a release coating, could be an important factor in the production and final application of your label.

  1. Super Calendered Kraft

    40#/50# SCK:
    Most common and economical backing paper. This material is coated on one side allowing the label to release cleanly. Suitable for hand and machine application.

  2. Poly-Coated Kraft

    44# PK :
    Poly-coated kraft is a natural, unbleached paper which combines the strength of paper and the toughness of polypropylene. This liner is commonly used on wine and spirits label stocks.

  3. Layflat

    This is a slightly thicker liner suitable for roll to sheet applications.

  4. Clear

    1.2mil Clear PET:
    Very thin durable liner for high speed label application. Generally used for wine labels.