Yearly Archives: 2012

As 2012 draws to a close we are very happy to report that it has been another amazing year here at Rose City Label.  Our team has been challenged with new, exciting label projects this year, but they… Read the Rest



The Rose City Label office is proud to say GOODBYE to the last of the CRT monitors!

As we continue to upgrade our technology to be as efficient in the office as possible, we also keep … Read the Rest

New Beer Growler!

December 18, 2012

If you want to be ‘in the know’ with the Oregon Craft Beer scene, you need to be reading the Oregon Beer Growler each month.

You can pick up copies here at our office, or check it out online… Read the Rest

Giving Back to Good Causes

November 28, 2012


We have been very fortunate at Rose City Label this year, and we are happy to give back to community organizations and causes.  One of those organizations we supported this year is the Leukemia… Read the Rest

Another Beautiful Label

November 21, 2012




This lovely Fall soup makes me warm just to look at it.

The fresh apple and carrots show you that the product in the package is top quality, fresh and hearty.

We are happy that … Read the Rest

Here is a very nice reply to some artwork created by our lead graphic designer, Lisa.  It isn’t always easy to get proofs right on the first try, especially when you are working from verbalRead the Rest

This clean, crisp design is beautiful on the bottle and captures the wonderful spirit of this handmade family wine.

The solid black background provides a strong base for the design, and the foil… Read the Rest