This label shows one of the smallest bar codes we have ever seen used successfully.  As you can see from the photo, this code is about 0.50″ wide and less than 0.125″ tall – and it scans!

The most amazing thing about this code is that is actually printed at the customer’s site on their 600 dpi thermal transfer printer with a white ribbon.  To accurately print a code this small requires a precise combination of printer, ribbon, label stock, and print software settings.  If any of these elements is off, the job won’t print properly.  Everything must be working together for best performance.

At Rose City Label, we take pride in working with you to uncover all potential issues that may come up – even after the job leaves our plant.  We work closely with you to make sure all the pieces fit together to get you a complete solution that works – on time, every time!

Have a challenging bar code label?  Call us today.

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