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I was out golfing with my 12 year old son recently and I learned a very valuable business lesson:

The line between confident and cocky can be a very thin line…

As I approached a fairly long putt (for me), my son said, “No problem Dad, you can make that!”.  “Don’t jinx me!”, I answered.  I didn’t want him to spoil my ‘mojo’ on this putt, but his reply was telling.  He said –

Dad, you always say we need to think positively, right?  We have to believe we can do it before we actually can, right?

This was a very small point, but it made a big impact on me.  Where is the line between confident and cocky?  How do we show confidence and competence to our customers and prospects without being arrogant?

I don’t have a clear answer, and I can’t tell you exactly how to walk that line, but it is worth considering.  It may be a different line based on the type of work you are bidding or the type of customer you are dealing with.  The one thing that is important is that you should consider this before you are in the situation – know where your line is and stick to it.  Show your confidence and believe in the best outcome, but do it without giving the wrong message to your customer.

If you want a confident – but not cocky – label supplier, please call us today.  We look forward to helping you.

** Finally – just  for the record – I took my son’s confidence in me to heart and I sunk the putt.

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