One of the wonderful things about the Craft Beer Conference in Portland last month was the wonderful, high level picture of the industry.  All these data points confirmed what we have been seeing here on the ground with our 55 brewery clients.  Here are some selected data points from the opening keynote presentation:

  • We have 58 Breweries here in Portland, OR – most of any city in the world!
  • 53% of Draft Beer consumed in Oregon is made in Oregon
  • 225 total brewery operations in Oregon

Nationwide Info:

  • Craft Beer sales overall were up 17% in 2014 – overall beer market only up 0.5%
  • Nationwide, Craft beer accounts for 11% of sales
  • 1871 Micro breweries, 1412 Brewpubs, and 135 Regional Breweries were operating in 2014 – 3,400 total Craft Breweries
  • Also – 2,051 Additional Craft Breweries are in some phase of planning and licensing
  • US Craft Beer Exports were up 36% in 2014
  • 68% of consumers reported that they care where their beer is made – Nielsen survey

Future Trends Coming:

  • New variations on IPA
  • New, different Brewpub options – menu, style, ethnic, layout
  • More stadium and event sales
  • More session beer options
  • New business models for producing and selling Craft Beer

We really enjoy being plugged into the Craft Beer community.  These are wonderful businesses that are fun to work with.  Call us if you have any questions about the world of Craft Brewing – we are happy to help.  Cheers!


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