On April 22-23, 2009 Lisa from our Graphics Department attended the Food Labeling Workshop in Corvallis, OR at the Food Science and Technology Building at Oregon State University.  This informative seminar helped us to stay current with a food labeling laws and regulations.

The workshop was attended by about 30 professionals in the food, nutrition, packaging, and marketing industries.  We were the only label company represented at the conference.

“This was a great way to review and confirm all the things I have learned over the past 20 years”, said Lisa.  Highlights included how and when to use ‘Organic’ ‘Natural’ ‘Low Fat’ and other key words to make sure the consumer is correctly informed about a product. “Everyone was very friendly and interested in making sure that they are complying with the current laws”

For more information, visit the FDA Food website, or the Supplement website.

Or, for personal attention, email Lisa by clicking here.

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