Typically I try to focus these blog posts on labels, label design, and customer highlights.  But occasionally, I like to pass along general business tips.  This is one of those tips – something that I use personally to make me more productive and effective as a small business owner.  I know many of our customers face the same challenges that I do, so hopefully you appreciate these tips.

Generally, I recommend listening to business podcasts while you drive.  I spend lots of time in the car getting to and from customer appointments, and having a way to leverage that time with audio books and podcasts has been very helpful to me the past few years.  Specifically, I recommend Jeff Sanders – host of the 5AM Miracle Podcast. His show is very upbeat, energetic, and full of actionable tips you can use in your own personal and business life.  He talks about healthy habits, nutrition, and productivity.  I especially like his honest, practical advice.  He publishes a new show every Monday and I look forward to them every week.

Want to be more productive and use your drive/run/walk time more effectively?  Check out to read his blog articles and to download podcast episodes, or subscribe in iTunes if you prefer that method.  Either way, I think you will agree that he has great information to share.

Next week we return to our normal Label Industry news – thank you!


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