The AMAZING HP Indigo Digital Label press has really been a great upgrade to our production capacity.  The print quality is unmatched by any other digital press in the world.  Here is how they do it:

  • Image Plate (PIP) is electrically charged to 600V
  • Plate is imaged with HP Electro Ink (for this particular color)
  • Image is transferred to the Blanket
  • Process is repeated 2-12 times to transfer each color to the blanket
  • All overlaid colors are transferred with ‘One Shot’ technology onto the label stock

It is because of this ‘One Shot’ system that the image always has perfect registration, with no dot gain and no trapping required.  This is the heart of the Indigo printing system.

Other interesting facts:

  • The ink comes in an aerosol style can and is the consistency of tooth paste
  • The ink is suspended in an imaging oil solution to become fluid before it is applied to the image plate
  • Label stock is pre treated with a special ‘sapphire’ coating.  This allows excellent printing on uncoated stocks
  • The blanket is heated to 100C to keep the ink fluid and ready to transfer
  • Resolution is 819 x 819
  • Minimum text size is 1.5 point

We could talk much more about the details of this technology, but the important thing is how we use it to serve you!  Please call us today if you want to work with a company that stays current with technology (to help you).


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