Lion Heart Kombucha

We are proud to be printing for another great local company – Lion Heart Kombucha! As their business has grown, owners Jared and Amanda Englund were looking for a better source for high volume, high quality label production.  Despite their great reputation and very high quality ingredients, they know that the label design and print quality provide a very important first impression – label quality had to match the product quality – and they found that at Rose City Label.

Lion Heart contains the least amount of refined sugars on the shelf, from 0 – 4 grams per 8oz serving.  The 6 time-tested amazing flavors are delicately balanced to perfection, the result of years carefully crafting the perfect Kombucha recipes to be full of flavor while using a pure Kombucha culture and staying true to its healthy traditionThe Lion Heart cultures are treated with the utmost care and respect, brewed with with custom blends of fine teas from Portland’s Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants using all organic ingredients.  Lion Heart always has used only glass and top-grade stainless steel wine fermentation tanks resulting in the cleanest, purest Kombucha possible.  Feel the difference!

In addition to high quality Kombucha drinks, Lion Heart also offers classes and starter kits for people who what to brew their own.  Click here to visit their website to learn more.

If you want help growing your brand with high quality labels, please call us today – we look forward to helping you!

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