Since not all our customers are from the local area, we like to include a little data about our local economy from time to time.  Christian Kaylor is a fantastic local resource for Portland business.  He is a workforce economist with the State of Oregon and he publishes this wonderful economic data recap each month – and it is free!

To see the latest data report, and to get Christian’s contact info to subscribe, please click here to download the simple one-page PDF.

The big take away items for me – everything is going well in Portland, our primary market.  More specifically, manufacturing jobs are growing – this is even better news for us, since most of our customers make some type of product in a bag, box, or bottle.  When manufacturing does well, so do we!

Take a look at the report, then subscribe to get this info in your mailbox every month.

If you want to partner with us, and continue to help Portland business prosper, please call us today about your next label project.  We look forward to helping you.



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