Even though digital printing is the FASTEST GROWING part of our business, we still do 85% of our volume on traditional, long run presses.  One of the big advantages of these traditional presses is the flexibility.  We can perform so many more operations on press – laminate, die cut, slit, score, back slit, perforate, and sheet.  This offers much more flexibility – especially for labels in sheets.  Sometimes, however, it isn’t easy to cut the labels down to their final size on press.  Or sometimes we just need to trim the sheet after printing.  That is where this new (to us) machine comes in.

We were able to trade our older, much larger machine for this one.  It is smaller – much better fitted to the size of labels we typically run – and it takes up less floor space and power.  This machine does everything we need in a more modern, compact format.  And, since this is a critical tool for many of our jobs, it is very nice to have a more modern, reliable machine in this role.

Finally, we are pleased that we were able to buy a used machine – and sell our machine to be shipped out of the country.  This way, likely two machines were kept out of the landfill, all our needs are met, and we have a reliable, cost effective, eco-friendly solution.  This is a win-win-win for everyone, and that is what we like at Rose City Label.

If you want labels from a company that is always moving forward, with an eye on the environment, please call us today.  We look forward to helping.


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