We take our customer lead time requests very seriously.  Getting labels into your hands quicker is the single biggest stress we have when it comes to taking care of our customers.

How long does a typical order take?

People want the labels for less money, and we occasionally get a quality complaint, but for every one of those, we have 10 people that want the labels faster!  So what is the real answer?  Here it is:

For September 2014:

  •  Average Lead Time for a NEW digital order was 7.12 working days
  • Average Lead Time for a NEW conventional press order was 10.16 working days
  • Average Lead Time for a REPEAT digital order was 6 working days
  • Average Lead Time for a REPEAT conventional press order was 7.33 working days

We are proud to share this data – we measure everything and like to focus on the actual data to run our business.  Here is more insight behind the averages:

  • 18% of our orders were DIGITAL and 82% were CONVENTIONAL.
  • 67% of our orders were REPEATS and 33% were NEW or REVISED
  • Averages above are accurate overall, but 95 orders in September were done in 5 days or less!

Part of this solution is adding people and lengthening the work day on our equipment — we have gradually done that over this year and it is working very well.  We now have about 20 more available press hours each week than we had a year ago.  This helps, but we still need more so we are considering a major equipment upgrade — more on that in a future post.  For now, we are happy with the progress we have made.  Stay tuned for more exciting news soon on the equipment front – and THANK YOU for keeping us so busy.  Without our loyal customers, we wouldn’t be worried about lead times at all!

Want more information about our lead times or what you can do to help us expedite your orders?  Call us today.

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