Now that we are back from the Chicago Technical conference, we are starting to apply all the good lessons we learned.  I also wanted to share more detail about my presentation.  It was fun to share out story with the room full of excited learners.  The presentation was 15 minutes.

Slides for the lecture are available here in PPT format.  Here are the main take a ways:

1. Hiring – this is the hardest part.

Because of our reputation, and the fact that our average employee has been with us 12 years, we have a much better pool of qualified applicants than most.  Even with this advantage, our best new hires come from our existing team.  Our people know what it takes to do the job at Rose City Label – they don’t want poor performers to make their own job harder.  And, they don’t want anyone upset with them if they recommend a bad apple.

2. Training – learn from within.

Our very best option – and the one that people in Chicago agree is best – is to train from within.  We let our senior press operators mentor the newer people. Printing is a craft – you can’t learn it from a book, or a classroom training session.  Hands on learning, in our shop, with our best operators by their side, is the best option for us.

3. Retaining – the fun part.

“People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses” – this was a great quote from another one of the presenters last week.  I couldn’t agree more.  We work very hard to make Rose City Label a place people WANT to work and are proud to work for.  We have fun and celebrate success, we are green and we are moving forward with new technology.  These two things, along with a good crew to work with and a flexible personnel policy, are the keys to long term retention.

Of course NONE of this would be possible without you – the people that read our blog and share our passion for great labels!  Thank you for trusting us with your labels – we are honored to serve our customers every day.

If you are still a ‘future customer’, please call us today.  We look forward to serving you.


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