New website is under construction!  In honor of that, we thought we would share a bit of online history.  Here is a look back at the evolution of 17 years of Rose City Label on the web.  Today we get over 1500 visitors each month, lots of quote requests, and generally 2-5 new customers per month that start out as web inquiries.  We continue to be diligent with out blogging and providing good, relevant content.  Our purpose here is two-fold -1. To help our customers make their label buying experience as easy as possible and 2. To show our future customers that we really know what we are doing after 87 years in this business!


Current website (for now) – June 2013 to present.  Wordpress based – active blog – lots of good product photos:








Prior to this site, we had our first major upgrade with a focus on blogging back in June 2011.  This site featured a YouTube video on the home page:









Before this, the web wasn’t our focus, but we knew we needed a basic brochure style site on the web. No blogging or dynamic content and not too many photos:







Going back further, it gets really embarrassing!  These were the early days, but we were at least making an effort.  We had an online quote form and a Map Quest Map link – remember them?










Truly back to version 1.0 – I actually taught myself HTML and posted the text of our brochure onto a web server – securing the name ‘’ – very basic, but we were online in 1998.  Were you?










Even though some of this history is a bit tough to look at, but there is a lesson here for all of us.  Don’t wait until you are ready before you launch!  Often times in business, we need to work on the ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ sequence.  People say that if you don’t blush when you look at the first version of your product, you probably waited too long to launch.  Be bold – launch your product and see what the market says.  Don’t overthink it – go for it!

When you are ready to launch (or not quite ready, but doing it anyway) we can help.  Call us – we will help get your product to market and make your dream a reality!

** Web historical clips are from the very interesting Internet Way Back Machine – check it out here –  – you can see old versions of your site too.

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This blog post was written by Scott

President of Rose City Label - I am the primary blogger and marketing driver for our company. I can help with just about any label challenge - let my 24 years experience work for you!