Clear Foil Adds Depth and Class to your label

In the crowded beverage market, you only have a few seconds to catch a consumer’s attention.  Their eye passes over the retail shelf so fast, you need to use every advantage to get them to stop and focus on you.  Clear foil and embossing are a potent combination to make this happen.

Clear Foil Makes an Impact

In a fraction of a second, the light reflects off the embossed, clear foiled section of your label and calls out to the buyer – “Pick me!”.  Sometimes this brief pause is all you need to get your product noticed.  At that point, it is up to you and your product to keep the consumer coming back, but the label has done its job – getting the first bottle into the shopping cart.

How Do You Do That?

In this post late last year, we discussed our new, state of the art foil stamping and embossing press.  This is a stand alone machine that can add foil to our digital or traditional press labels – it is very versatile and really adds a nice upgrade to any label.  While the press can (and does) print any color of foil – gold, silver, holographic and more, using the clear foil feature like this really makes an impressive addition to the label.  You can see the press in action by viewing this video on our YouTube channel.  We have done foil stamping for years, but this new machine takes the process to a whole new level.

How Much Does it Cost?

As with all our custom printing, the answer is based on many factors.  You need to send artwork to get a precise answer, and the biggest factor is the quantity of labels printed and the complexity of the foil and embossing.  The setup for a job like this is about $450-650, but that tooling can be used for future runs with no additional setup.  The actual printing charge varies from 35 cents per label down to 7 cents depending on the size of the run.

The important question is how this will impact your brand and drive sales in the market.  This may be the best investment you make to improve your packaging.

If you trust Rose City Label with your printing project, we will do our part to help your product keep the consumer’s eye for just a second longer.  Once they see it, and try it, it is up to the quality of the product to keep them coming back!  Call us today to see if we can help.

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