Embossed Coffee Label

Labels to Reflect a High Quality Brand

The best part about our job is the amazing customers we get to work with.  The passion the Coava Coffee team brings to work each day inspires us to do our best work for them.

Their coffee is wonderful, and they take the quality of their packaging very seriously. They engaged the services of Tyler and Nicole at Factory North to update their labels to reflect the quality of their product.

With no additional explanation, you can see that the labels are stunning, but the story behind them is even better.

 The designers took the time to understand all the options – material, texture, embossing, print techniques, and the need to personalize each batch based on roast date.

With all these considerations, they made a very clean and cost effective design that will serve Coava for many years.  Specific highlights:

  • Uncoated Kraft Paper – this gives a feel of raw, natural, and organic product.
  • Embossing common to all items – this keeps the cost down and still achieves the desired affect.
  • Different ‘icon’ or badge to distinguish countries (see the red badge above)
  • Unified colors for all items
  • Special treatment for ‘Reserve’ or limited edition product lines

All of these items together make the impression Coava is looking for – hand crafted, small batch, exotic quality coffee from around the world.  Thanks to Coava and Factory North for letting us be a part of this project.


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