Environmental Green

Easy Eco-Friendly Practices

February 19, 2016
Recycle Note Cards

Some parts of being a ‘green’ business are very difficult and costly, but some aren’t.  By having a constant eye toward  reuse and recycling, you can make small steps that… Read the Rest

Rose City Label, Label Printing, Portland Oregon, Scott Pillsbury


Once our Rose City Label team gets inspired, it is hard to hold us back!  In a previous post I showed some home furniture built from recycled pallets – now another RCL family is taking it to… Read the Rest

Small, Local, Green

April 29, 2015
Rose City Label, Label Printing, Portland Oregon, Scott Pillsbury


Rose City Label is proud to be a local, family owned business.  We try to support businesses like us as often as possible.  Recently, we needed a few specially sized metric bolts in our shop and… Read the Rest

Rose City label recycling, Scott Pillsbury

Rose City label recycling, Scott PillsburyWe are proud of our team – they take our Eco Commitment seriously at home and at work.  Here you see a home project built from pallets recycled from Rose City Label – we love it.  We … Read the Rest

Out with the Old Technology – the Green Way!

When we did more offset and letterpress printing, labels needed hours or even days to dry.  Drying racks (as shown in the left photo) were stacked… Read the Rest

Today the Oregonian reported that Portland businesses will have fewer options for composting soon.  It turns out that composting, like all recycling, is very dependent on sorting.  In order… Read the Rest

Partnering to help our Customers Succeed

Our good customer, Pizzicato Gourmet Pizza, recently decided to exit the Take and Bake pizza market to focus on their restaurants and home delivery business.  … Read the Rest

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