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This image shows a label that we tried to fix for a customer – but it was too big of a mess to save.  Sadly, we had declined to bid on this project because we saw the red flags flying a mile away.  Instead of redesigning as we suggested, the customer went to an out of state vendor that agreed to try the job.  It is a mess.

The concept of this label is great – they want an adhesive label that ‘appears’ to only have adhesive on the tips of the label.  This way, they can wrap the label around a product without getting the ‘sticky’ on the actual product and then just adhere the tips of the label to each other.  That sounds great, but it doesn’t work for roll labels.  Unfortunately, these guys were set on this concept because they wanted to imprint a date/lot code onto the label with a roll printer – big mistake.

The end result is what you see here – a mess.

The customer and the vendor will have to fight about who pays for the very expensive cutting dies (two separate dies are needed to make a label like this), plus the cost of the print run, all to get a product that is almost useless to them.  Ultimately, they will have to hand apply (a very large order) and separately hand apply a second label with the lot code.

The critical flaw in the engineering of this label is that the other vendor thought they could slit this press roll (above) into individual rolls by slicing that very narrow space (1/8″) on a consistent and precise basis – no way!  We tried to save the day, but the job was doomed from the start.

We love new, challenging projects, but we also no when to run the other way – this is one we are happy that we passed on.

If you want labels from experts, people that aren’t afraid to walk away from a job that is doomed, please call us today.  We will work hard to keep you, and ourselves, out of messes like this.


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