Water Wash Printing Plates

Water Not Solvent

For many years, one of the last remaining chemicals in our shop has been plate making solvent. In order to make high quality photo polymer printing plates, the plate material must be etched away to remove the non-printing area and leave the raised print impression area.  In the past this was done with a solvent and a brush, but not anymore.

New Technology – No Chemicals

This week Rose City Label became one of the first shops in the country to install a high quality Water Wash Printing Plate system.  This system uses a different type of printing plate than can be etched with just soap and water – no solvent required.  This is revolutionary technology that we have been waiting for for many years.

Faster Processing TimesWater Wash Printing Plates

An additional benefit of this new system is a 60% reduction in plate processing times.  This means plates are on press faster, with less downtime.  This is important for all jobs, but especially new, complex jobs that may require an adjustment on press.  Now we can be back up in running in less than one hour!  With no solvent to absorb into the plate, there is no need to wait for this solvent to evaporate.

Processing time is cut from 2.5 hours to 55 minutes!

Better Print Quality, too!

Quality Water Wash Printing PlateOne final, very important benefit of this new system is a better quality printing plate.  The detail and the image quality from these plates is superior to any previous plate we have seen.  We tried several different technologies before we selected this system, and I am confident that these are the best printing plates that any label company has to offer.


Best Quality – Faster Processing – Earth Friendly

Thank you to all our customers that continue to trust us with their very important label printing jobs.  Because of all of you, we are able to invest in the latest technology to grow and build our business.  We appreciate everyone that has been with us on this amazing journey.  We will continue to grow and innovate as we move forward into the future.

What can we do to help you?  Please call us today with any label project – we are here to help.

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  1. Some may know their past history to be a bit rocky, but today’s water wash plates have greatly evolved from the messy, low quality plates of the past. Refer to these commonly asked questions to satisfy your curiosity- or ask your own question in our comments section.


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