Increasingly, businesses are taking steps to become more environmentally responsible. The growing “green” trend is particularly strong here in the greater Portland area—which gives us at Rose City Label great pride in our hometown. Going green makes good financial sense in the short-term as well as over the long haul; and we’re pleased to be an industry leader in green labeling technology and solutions.

Many small businesses in the Pacific Northwest see the value in sourcing locally. It’s become a point of pride among area businesses. In addition to being a smart business practice, going local is among the easiest ways to “green up” a business. When you think about all the fuel it takes to move materials from one place to another, it’s easy to see how quickly you can reduce your carbon footprint by going local.

Sourcing Locally

If you’re really looking to source locally, it’s important to know that your local suppliers are doing the same. Your carbon footprint is only as small as that of the suppliers you depend on to produce your finished product. Of course, it’s rarely possible to source everything you need in your own neighborhood—but it’s great to choose that option when you have it.

For example, a Portland coffee shop can’t obtain Columbian beans that were grown six miles down the road. However, the owner of such a shop can choose to work with a local roaster, or even roast her own. She can hire a Portland decorator, whom she chose because he uses glass and ceramics from an Oregon manufacturer and art from a Washington gallery.

In-House, Start to Finish

At Rose City Label, each of our projects begins and ends in our Portland manufacturing facility. We design and manufacture each plate, in-house, according to our customers’ needs and desires. Our traditional presses have been churning out crisp, clear labels longer than some of our clients have been alive.

Other than the presses themselves, the only equipment we don’t make in-house is our cutting dies. A company in St. Louis makes them to our specifications, right here in the United States. We’re proud to obtain most of our shipping supplies from Portland Packaging, another local company who makes great contributions to our community.

Our paper supplies come from several warehouses in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve found that sourcing locally is good for the Earth, as well as minimizing our time and cost factors. We have yet to find a down side to doing business as locally as possible, whenever possible.

At Rose City Label, we pride ourselves on serving our local community of businesses by choosing the most local and the most environmentally responsible supplies available. In short, we strive to be what we like to see—local businesses sharing a common goal of thriving in a prosperous, healthy community. Let’s go green together!

Are you ready to see how Rose City Label can make your product stand out from the competition? Take a look at the markets we serve or contact us online. We’d love the opportunity to put our experience and creativity to work for you.

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This blog post was written by Sarita Stevens

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