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We frequently get asked about the price for a ‘standard’ beer label – but unfortunately, we don’t have a very good answer.  When we began printing beer labels for 22 oz. bottles 9 years ago, there was a pretty standard format that most people used, but not anymore.  With all these options, beer label price diversity is also on the rise.

Of the last 100 beer labels we printed for our top brewery customers, we used many different sizes, materials, print methods, and extra embellishments.  With all this diversity, there really is no way to answer the question about a standard label – there is no ‘standard’.  Everyone is fighting to set themselves apart on the crowded shelf, and a ‘standard’ label just won’t work.

In the last 100 orders, we used:

  1. 29 different diecut label sizes: Our standard 4 x 5 rectangle (once the most popular size) only accounted for 15 of these orders.  Now people want bigger labels to cover more of the bottle to show off their graphics and branding.
  2. 15 different label materials: Our premium synthetic paper and digital BOPP still account for 54 of these orders, but 46 of them are on a textured stock, a clear or metallic, or a premium paper suitable for embossing.
  3. 60 Traditional vs. 40 Digital: 9 years ago we didn’t even have digital printing, and now it accounts for 40% of the beer label orders – digital is booming.  This is especially true of short run, seasonal, and specialty collaboration beers.

9 years ago, we never would have envisioned 29 different beer label sizes – the creativity and diversity is amazing!

With all these options, it is no wonder beer label price diversity is on the rise.  *This is a compilation of the last 5 orders each from our top 20 brewery customers.

More data about these 100 orders:

  • Largest quantity was 151,200
  • Smallest quantity was 500
  • Lowest per label cost was $0.062
  • Highest per label cost was $0.69

With all this diverse experience, we have what it takes to meet all your craft beverage label needs.  Please call us today.  Cheers!

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