Redesign Labels Now for 2016

Being successful in business and life is all about being intentional – planning and executing.  You can’t run full speed all day long without burning out and failing.  The seasons of the year provide an excellent reminder about taking the time to plan for future success.

Now is the time to set the intention and the plans for a prosperous 2016.

Three Reasons to Plan for Success Today –

  1. Fall is very nice transition. Summer is over, kids are in school, and the craziness of the Holiday season isn’t quite upon us yet.  Regardless of your life or family situation, everyone can benefit from taking a breath, relaxing, and preparing to surge in the new year.
  2. You have a pretty good idea of how 2015 will end.  This far through the year, you should have a very accurate prediction of how the year will finish.  Did you meet your goals?  Did new challenges come in?  Are you trying to hang on? Or are you looking to invest profits to take advantage of tax benefits?  All of these should be pretty clear by this point in the year.
  3. There is still time to make something happen.  Planning for the new year in the last week of December doesn’t allow you enough time to investigate all the possible options for the coming year.  You may want to target new markets, partner with new vendors, or hire new people.  All of these things take time – and you may not get them right the first time.  By starting now, you can do a thorough review and make a solid plan for success, even if your first idea doesn’t pan out.

If part of your 2016 plan includes a marketing face lift, we can help your labels start the new year with style!  Bold new designs and graphics can make a dramatic impact in the new year.

We are blessed at Rose City Label to be on track for another record year.  Thanks to the great customers that trust us every day – we are able to make plans for even greater success in 2016.  If we can help you with labels, or if you just want to talk about your business goals for the new year, please call us today.

We are all here to help you succeed – call us today – we can help.

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This blog post was written by Scott

President of Rose City Label - I am the primary blogger and marketing driver for our company. I can help with just about any label challenge - let my 24 years experience work for you!

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