Custom Keg Collars

Although most of our beer and wine clients come to us for adhesive labels for their bottles, we can also print custom Keg Collars as well.  Keg collar printing is something we do very well at Rose City Label.  Here is why you should consider us for these products.

  1. We know great quality printing.  Our craftsmanship and attention to detail will reinforce all other elements of your branding.  Having a poor quality keg collar sends a message to your customers that you don’t care about quality – and they could easily assume that extends to the quality of the beer IN the keg.  Don’t build doubt – focus on quality.
  2. We have your graphics anyway! If we are already printing your bottle labels, we know your brand, your colors, and your logo.
  3. Simplify your life – one less vendor to work with is helpful for anyone.
  4. You are required by law – you know you have to have keg collars, so the only question is where to buy.  We can help with the perfect balance of quality, price, and fast delivery.

 If it is printed, and a brewery needs it to build their brand, we can probably help.

Call us for your bottle labels, tap handle labels, promotional stickers, and keg collars.


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President of Rose City Label - I am the primary blogger and marketing driver for our company. I can help with just about any label challenge - let my 24 years experience work for you!

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