In Oregon, we love to root for the underdog.  Rather than large corporate, we value local and support local business.  That’s one reason why Oregon’s local micro brewing industry has done so well and the good news is the benefit of Oregon’s mindset doesn’t stop at beer.  

Other small craft businesses can benefit from the support local mindset. One category which is enjoying growth is small, local food producers.

Celebrate Small – Don’t Hide It

When it comes to standing out of the shelf; Oregon is blessed with a thriving graphic design community, and vendors offer technology which allows today’s small producers to stand out on the shelf with eye-catching professional packaging that creates a bond between your consumer and your business. Oregon is in fact the perfect state to celebrate being small and to thrive while doing it.

It helps that you don’t need to be Goliath to have great label. Smaller companies are by their nature nimble, make changes more easily, and have adaptation and change built into their DNA. Smaller enterprises are often closer to the “local vibe” of the communities within which their products are sold. So, in terms of creating product and label design that resonates with your local market, being small can be a real advantage.

Your labels don’t have to look ‘small’

At Rose City Label, there’s nothing we love more than helping a smaller company fulfill their dreams. We take pride in every single label, knowing these labels are going to draw consumers in to pick up, and try your product and we’ve invested in the technology to print smaller runs cost effectively.  It’s a real thrill to see these labels pop up in unexpected places as our client’s grow.

You don’t have to order millions for a good price

The best part of growing your business in Oregon, is that Oregon’s local vendors are experienced with working with smaller companies to help them succeed.  At Rose City Label, we have increased our digital printing capabilities continuously over the last 5 years specifically to bring the cost of shorter print runs down, while increasing the flexibility we have to accommodate innovate design in shorter runs and maintain a great label you will be proud of.

It helps us be ready to help you – and we think  that’s a great thing. 

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