We are Label Experts

Label Experts

Our main focus is serving our customers by being label experts.  Competitive price is critical and fast deliveries are a basic expectation we have to meet on a daily basis.  More than being the fastest or the cheapest, we are the smartest label experts in the business.  With deep experience and knowledge, we can offer the right solution the first time.  Sometimes, that means we don’t tell people what they want to hear – everyone wants a cheaper, faster solution – but we tell them the truth and we stand behind our work.

We Have the Experience

With two employees over 30 years at Rose City Label and many others with more than 20 years in the business, we really do have the most experienced crew in the business.  We are proud of the company culture we have built that encourages people to stay with us for their entire career.  Retired team members stay in touch and often come to our Christmas party to stay connected with the RCL family.  This deep experience is priceless and it is part of our success.

Rigid Flexibility

Over the years, we have developed systems and processes that work.  We stick to these because they have proven successful with over 3,000 print orders every year.  These are proven methods and techniques – like not ordering tooling until proofs are signed, or not entering orders without artwork and quantities – that allow us to serve the most customers successfully.  We aren’t opposed to learning and changing, but we are also comfortable telling the truth even if it is unpopular.  The people that are the most successful trust us and partner with us to make their job successful.

Not Everyone is a Fit

Because we have these established norms – because we are label experts – this can be difficult for some people.  Nobody is asked to follow blindly or give up any level of control in their project, but we work best with customers that treat us as a valued, trusted partner rather than just a vendor to bid on a job.  When people have detailed specifications and they go out for 3 bids, we certainly win our share of those bids, but those customers aren’t getting the best we have to offer.  The people who come to us with a problem that needs solving – these are the people that give us the raving reviews.  They are getting the best we have to offer.  Unfortunately, however, not everyone is a fit.  We have a process and a target client and not everyone fits that profile.

Willing to Learn (and Change)

All this expertise doesn’t prevent us from learning and growing as an organization. Digital printing is almost 50% of our business today and it didn’t even exist 4 years ago.  We have had a massive learning curve as we have adapted with new technology, materials, and customer demands.  We have also changed the way we use technology to stay connect with our customers – we are always learning, growing, and adapting to stay competitive.  Don’t be afraid to ask us for something new or different – most of our best ideas come from our customers.

Thank You – You Made Us Label Experts

Thank you to the customers that trust us each day.  We wouldn’t have a thriving business or be able to develop very skilled people without the trust of our customers.  THANK YOU  – we appreciate every order we get and we value all our customers – large and small, new and old.  Call us today to see if we can help you with your next label project.

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This blog post was written by Scott

President of Rose City Label - I am the primary blogger and marketing driver for our company. I can help with just about any label challenge - let my 24 years experience work for you!

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