Recently we visited Jack and Mike from GREEN BOTTLING.

When we work with our customers, we always tell them to ‘Begin with the End in Mind’.  This is a famous quote from Stephen Covey, among others.  The point for us is that our job isn’t (really) done until your label is affixed to your product and the product is flying off the store shelves.  We want to help all the way through the project.  To help with that process, we work hard to partner with other great suppliers that serve our same customers.  This means even though we don’t sell these directly, we can refer you to a good supplier of bottles, caps, label design, and many other items that a brewer needs.  We can also suggest good marketing partners, web designers, and distributor partners.  We even have a few good Brewery Lawyers to recommend!

One of our longest partnerships in the Craft Beer space is with Portland’s original mobile bottler, Green Bottling.  Click here to visit their website, or call 503-223-BREW.  This video shows them GreenBottlingPortlandon a bottling line back in 2010 – putting our labels onto bottles at Southern Oregon Brewing (SOB) in Medford, OR.  This was 6 years ago, and today Green is still out there helping great brewers get their product to market.  Recently, the added 12 oz. bottles in 6 pack format to their main line, which is single 22 oz. bottles.

This partnership with Green Bottling is one of the oldest and most important we have at Rose City Label.  We refer many customers back and forth because we trust each other and we work well together.  They work hard to get our labels on the bottles quickly and efficiently.  We offer special pricing for brewers if they are Green Bottling customers, so please make sure to mention that when you contact us if you qualify for this special savings.

Partnering with the right trade vendors has been key to our success in the Craft Beer business, and the partnership is one of the most important.  Together we serve our customers so they can concentrate on making great beer.


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