100% Wind Energy - Green Eco Friendly Printing

Presses Powered by 100% Wind

100% wind energy powers the presses, computers, and all services.  We are doubling down on our environmental commitment.  No more coal, hydro, or other electric power sources – 100% WIND powers everything.  We briefly considered solar panels, but for now, being powered by 100% wind is right for us.

We Went All In on Green Energypowered by 100% wind

Our local power company offers partial wind power – essentially allowing companies to ease into this new power source.  We went all in!  Since we are making the commitment, and the power is still as reliable and safe as other sources, we went all the way.  Last year we used 193,000 kwH. This year all of that will come from local wind generation in the Pacific Northwest.  The cost difference isn’t much, and we wanted to make a bold statement to our customers, staff, and vendors.  Rose City Label is all in!

We have written before about our OBRC partnership to reuse beer bottles, our pioneering use of water wash printing plates, and pallet recycling.  We have been GREEN for a long time, and being powered by 100% wind is a natural extension of this effort.

You Should Join Us – It’s Easy!

We attended the 10th Annual Go Green! Conference back in October (click here for more info).  At the conference, we met vendors that showed us how easy it is to convert to 100% wind power.  We evaluated two different vendor proposal, but at the end of the day, the switch was very easy.  We pay extra on our electric bill, and that money is used to purchase RECs (renewable energy credits).  These RECs are used to subsidize the additional cost of clean power generation and to fund additional R&D for future green energy sources.  There was no interruption in service, no change in reliability or safety, and the whole process took only about 30 days to complete.  And, if something changes in the future (it won’t!), we can always opt out of green power – there is no long term commitment.  It is easy to be powered by 100% wind!

Your local electric utility can help with the transition – for PGE customers, click here to learn about green power in Portland.

Our Program is Real

powered by 100% windGreen-e certification is an independent, audited program to make sure that the power we are paying for is, in fact, from the sources claimed.  PGE has partnered with the right people to make sure everything is up to standard – no ‘greenwashing’ here.  Learn more about the Green-e certification by clicking here.  If you have questions about the program, feel free to call us for more information – we are happy to share.PGE Green powered by 100% wind



Partner with a Leader – Call us Today

If you want to work with a truly green printer, please call us today.  We work hard to recycle, buy green products, and publicize our eco-friendly efforts to be an example for other businesses.

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