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Personalize Your Label

July 20, 2015


These Coke bottle labels show an example of one of the most innovative marketing campaigns in years.  Coke – clearly one of the most mature, established brands in the world – saw … Read the Rest

Little Things Matter

July 2, 2015


The little details make the biggest impact.  More often than not, this is why Rose City Label gets new customers.  Rarely I hear that the price is too high or the print quality is poor, but OFTEN… Read the Rest

New Products Every Day

June 24, 2015


One of the best things about our job is being able to work with innovative companies that create new products each week.  New flavors, new styles, and entirely new product categories.  It keeps… Read the Rest


Finally some data to help support why we are doing so well!  Besides the amazing employees, great vendors and of course the customers we live for every day, there is another ingredient that is … Read the Rest


We have spent lots of time, energy, and money to upgrade our shop the past 2 years.  New equipment, software, and organization have all been instrumental to our success.  We continue to print

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Specialty Foods have always been an important product category for us.  We work closely with people to bring their product to market and to give it some ‘pop’ on the retail shelf.  … Read the Rest


Once our Rose City Label team gets inspired, it is hard to hold us back!  In a previous post I showed some home furniture built from recycled pallets – now another RCL family is taking it to… Read the Rest

MEAT Here!

May 29, 2015


Since 2009, this amazing Portland company has continued to grow and prosper.  We have been fortunate to be with them since the very beginning.  As their product diversity has expanded, we have… Read the Rest